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Estrous cycle in animals ppt

estrous cycle in animals ppt

Describe the importance and process of animal reproduction. 2. List the List and describe the phases of the estrous cycle. 5. Explain PowerPoint Projector. Polyestrus: Uniform distribution of estrous cycles which occur regularly throughout the year. Ex: cattle, swine, rodents. ESTROUS CYCLE. Seasonally polyestrus. Differences in lengths of estrous cycles among species (Table ) are Many small animals are subject to predation, and cannot afford the luxury of lengthy.

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estrous cycle

Neuroendocrine and endocrine factors involved in the regulation of reproductive cycles in domestic animals are discussed. Although research data from many species are considered, estrous cycle in animals ppt is placed on their relevance for the cow, sow, ewe and, to a lesser extent, the mare.

Literature cited is not designed to be complete, but rather to be representative of the large volume of material which has been written on the subject. Gonadotropin-releasing hormone is synthesized and secreted in response to various exteroceptive stimuli, but both its release and its estrous cycle in animals ppt on the anterior pituitary are modified by feedback of target gland hormones. A modulating role for nonsteroidal regulators such as inhibin has yet to be proven.

Prostaglandins are important for corpus luteum regression and ovulation. The relative roles of the gonadotropins and the above substances in hypothalamic, adenohypophyseal and ovarian function are considered. General mention is made of mechanisms of hormonal action. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Journal List Can Vet J v.

Can Vet J. Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Copyright notice. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract Neuroendocrine and endocrine factors involved in the regulation of reproductive cycles in domestic animals are discussed.

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Pathways of steroid biosynthesis in the intact Graafian collicle of mares in oestrus. Associated Data Supplementary Materials. Open in a separate window. Support Center Support Center. External link.

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