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Game of thrones sims 3 tumblr s

game of thrones sims 3 tumblr s

Tumblr's One Stop Sim Shop (Sims 3) Submission/Tagging Game Of Thrones Part II - Jon Snow and his glorious lips, I just wish we had his Genetics / Make- up (included except S-Club Eyelash mesh+textures/design). Sansa Stark ext-up-is-sansa. Daenerys clothes: This site also has a lot of medieval/fantasy themed objects for Sims 3. I recalled. Being a part of the Sims Tumblr community for years now, Sssvitlans has been the only source Nickname(s): Celinde, Celi What do I post: The Sims 4 custom content (mostly related to Game of Thrones in some way). Here is my Cersei trying out @ts4got 's beautiful new cape, which can be found 3 I think Batsy is actually planning to make the crown. ;) @batsfromwesteros. alialsim: “ Game of thrones The Night King's outfit Download Mesh: EA (Get I am still new to making CC, so please let me know if there are any problems.

Mod The Sims - Game of Thrones stuff?

Death takes a moment to reflect on the legacy game of thrones sims 3 tumblr s King Robert Baratheon, but the shitty fireplace flares up haye mera dil song 320kbps. He puts it out quickly. We looked some stuff up and decided the easiest way to kill off Robert Baratheon would be to light him on fire.

So we set up a small room away from the main house and threw in a fireplace and some furniture. Poor Robert was still tired from his bathroom incident, he passed out pretty quick.

Fireplace unattended! Hope this works. We locked Robert in a bathroom, hoping he would die of exhaustion. We figured it would keep him awake, since he would never be able to repair it.

Bear with us while we figured out what to do. We started with King Robert Baratheon. The next few posts will illustrate his grisly death. We locked him in a bathroom with some music he loves dancinghoping he would die of exhaustion. Daenerys daenerys stormborn daenerys targaryen targaryen sims Sims 3 ASoIaF got game of thrones moon of my life. It was a surprise to everyone that Cersei decided to spend time with her husband in the middle of her date with Jaime.

For no reason Cersei gets up in partedutil lagu middle of her meal and surprises Robert with flowers. Jaime finishes his dinner by himself. We made a Sims town full of Game of Thrones characters.

And now we're sharing game of thrones sims 3 tumblr s with the world. One screenshot at a time. Powered by Tumblr.

Minimal Theme designed by Artur Kim. Sims of Thrones. October 21, October 20, He catches on fire, and then dies. Grim reaper shows up and ghost-Robert begs for his life. Dammit, Robert. You should have gone when we locked you in the bathroom. October 19, The furniture caught on fire. I guess we threw in another fireplace, too. It worked. October 18, He ended up changing into his fancy clothes and dancing until he passed out on the floor. February 28, Dany rejects another adoring fan.

Jorah watches on. He knows that feel, bro. Game of thrones sims 3 tumblr s with her fans after her performance. February 27, Daenerys performs with her guitar and cow-print workout clothes in the park every weekend. Jaime drives Cersei back home in silence. February 26, Jaime and Cersei run into Daenerys during one of her street performances. About We made a Sims town full of Game of Thrones characters.

View details about each household and the characters that live there.

The Sims 4: Game of Thrones

"Но хорошо ли ты подумала. - спросила Николь. - Неужели ты реально рассчитывала на то, что Элли скажет: ага, мама, великолепно, ты очень умно поступаешь.

Here ya go! You caught me on a weekend I actually had time to play sims! A great and rare these days weekend indeed. My sims will look fine as long as you do not try to edit their faces. Forgot his hair: Because of your message I looked through most game of thrones sims 3 tumblr s my slider links and half of them are dead links. Arg that is frustrating. Thanks for the headsup.

Anyway, here is the lip slider: And finally, here she is!. Anyway he is yours for the taking have fun with him, do as you like just do NOT claim him as your own. He is in. If you decide to do the. Sim File. Sims3 Package. I fully plan on sharing my other Game of Thrones characters, once I lay my feature-tweaking to rest. To kick things off, here is my version of Daenerys as portrayed by the amazing Emilia Clarke.

All sliders used in my game are listed on my resources how to brew john palmer castellano pdf. If you really game of thrones sims 3 tumblr s not plan to edit her features, I suppose you can skip out on the sliders.

Please check carefully to make sure you do not install duplicates. Other Images x x. Please do not claim as your own, I actually did put quite a bit of time in creating them. Do not re upload, use them as bases, change their names, and please do not alter their facial features while they are still toddlers see warning at the bottom.

If you use them I would love for you to tag me I track urbanhypesimsit would make me squeek if I see these cuties in your game!: They will NEED to be tweaked as they age in order for them to look right dear Lord trust me I looked at how they looked as adults and my eyes still hurt. I do use sliders and I they have been used on these sims. My slider range is set to x3.

And by the way, you guys know liking and reblogging makes me feel super mega ultra amazingly bubbleyh: Her name is Lana Medley and I was game of thrones sims 3 tumblr s with her cause she was a sim lying around in my folder. So i lost all of her cc, but i found the things i could find. Sims For Sale. Learn more. Simple Life Default Replacement Eyes: Gosik Sharp Lower Lid Lips: S-Club N36 Eyelashes: Clothing included Everyday: Alesso Spectrum Brows: MissDaydreams Flawless Brows Eyes: Wundersims Dolly Blush 2 Lips: Beo Creations Bridal Parancssor parancsok win7 11 Sleepwear: Ekinege Sleeveless Maxi Dress Athletic: D Left to right, top to bottom: He is more active than any other kids around him, and is often up to no good.

He is an expert on getting himself in trouble, but he never means any harm in it and always has a smile on his face. He loves to have fun and will think of the craziest games or adventures to play with others.

He will fit better in an active family that is always up to something different! CC List: Everyone that is familiar with him knows that he is about the cuddliest toddler anyone could ever imagine, and loves to get love and attention.

As long as his new family can give him lots of those, he will be a happy trooper! He is always looking after his sister, and loves playing hide and seek with her. He is very gentle and well behaved, game of thrones sims 3 tumblr s never shouts or causes any trouble. She loves her brother to pieces and is almost always around him. Okay, phew! P Creator: I said Sunday, but i have her now so.

game of thrones sims 3 tumblr s

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