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Hofa iq reverb s

hofa iq reverb s

As the first vintage convolution reverb the IQ-Reverb combines the The HOFA IQ-Reverb is available for all common Windows and OS X. HOFA claim that their IQ Reverb combines the realism of convolution with the editability of algorithmic reverbs. As the first vintage convolution reverb the IQ-Reverb combines the The HOFA IQ-Reverb is available for all common Windows and OS X.

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One of the main selling points of Altiverb, and the reason why it is still quite expensive compared with many convolution reverbs, is the huge library of impulse responses with which it ships, many of them lovingly recorded in well-known studios and concert halls.

The point seems hofa iq reverb s be to try to get the user to treat these not as pristine recreations of recognisable spaces, but as starting points from which to craft the sound that suits their track — in the same way you might treat presets in an algorithmic reverb.

You can sort them either by their length or by clicking on the header of one of the instrument columns, making it easy to find, say, all the presets suited to vocals or guitars. Annoyingly, however, the sorting defaults to showing all the suitable results at the bottom of the list. You need to click again to reverse the order, and if you close the plug-in window and then reopen it, the preset list returns to its default order. Once you've chosen your large plate or medium chamber, it appears in three-dimensional representation in the other main area of the IQ Reverb window.

All of these parameters and more are also available as conventional controls, and you can also resize the plug-in window and its various elements to your taste. However, IQ Reverb also offers other ways to shape the sound of your impulse response. One such is the Damping parameter, which aims to change the reverb time not simply by time-stretching the IR but by recalculating to simulate an increase or decrease in the reflectivity of the space in which it was sampled.

However, it splits its impulse responses into three frequency bands with adjustable crossover points, allowing the user to modify the tonal hofa iq reverb s, either using three sliders in the hofa iq reverb s view or the controls in the Freq section.

For instance, if you like an IR but find that it tends to jair rodrigues musicas at the low end, you could scale back the reverb below Hz or so without affecting the mid-range or high frequencies.

And that's not all. Most algorithmic reverbs divide their sound into two components — early reflections and tail — and IQ Reverb does the same, more or less arbitrarily designating the first few milliseconds of the IR the 'early reflections'. The user can change the split point if required, and vary the balance between the two.

He or she also has control over two pre-delay settings, one of which comes before the early reflections and the other between the early reflections and the tail. Cut and gate hold time can be tempo-sync'ed. As in classic Lexicon designs, the level of control available is just right: It works surprisingly well.

The user interface is very slick, especially that rotating 3D waveform display, and the browser makes choosing presets and IRs almost painless. The damping and filtering allow you to make reasonably significant adjustments to an impulse response, but eventually you notice things sounding unnatural, especially when you want to lengthen an IR.

Also, unlike an algorithmic reverb, most of the important parameters hofa iq reverb s adjusted stepwise rather than continuously in other words, the sound doesn't change as you drag the mouse, but when you let go — understandably so considering that the IR has to be recalculated each time.

It'll perhaps appeal most of all to those who are used to tweaking algorithmic reverbs to get what they want, and dream of being able to shape convolution reverb in the same hofa iq reverb s way.

A View Into Space Once you've chosen your large plate or medium chamber, it appears in three-dimensional representation in the other main area of the IQ Reverb window. Buy PDF version. Previous article Next article. New forum posts Re: Ever used or heard of: Studio Master PAA power amp? Login You may login with either your assigned username or your e-mail address. The password field hofa iq reverb s case sensitive.

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