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Idm ve may tinh

idm ve may tinh

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Businesses out here in the country want to be online, and instead of making them get on the road to Dublin, I was going to them. Before the Business Fairy, which I set up inI had stints focusing on many different things. I originally did a bilingual business course, worked part-time during the day and I qualified as an auctioneer by night. My dad was a builder and developer, idm ve may tinh I ticked along doing bits for him and was able to build my first house at the age of I loved computers and this new thing called the internet, so I did a higher diploma in IT teaching and then got accepted onto a European pilot course for software tmnt movie game pc. This involved lots of coding and debugging, which I idm ve may tinh loved.

By this time I had my first baby. And to add to all that, myself and my husband Liam — who is a cabinetmaker — had started a joinery company called Teamwoodcraft.

We poured our energy into that, but like all startups we needed money to keep ourselves going — that was my mission. I was good at training, so I did lots of freelance training work with teams in Coillte and ESB to keep the money coming in as we built Teamwoodcraft.

The training was all IT-related. As the internet and its potential grew, so did my interest in it and the courses that I could deliver. I just kept studying and reading everything I could about this new-age digital marketing.

This would be back 20 years ago now, but eventually business at Teamwoodcraft started to pick up steadily. So myself and Liam, we decided that it was time for me to focus on our business and leave the training behind. Aisling Hurley Source: The Business Fairy. Teamwoodcraft was a great success for us.

I learned one of my biggest lessons in business with Teamwoodcraft. I remember we were a finalist in a small firms competition one year and part of the prize was you got a mentorship course. We got by through it all with my idm ve may tinh training work again. In those early days, there were a lot of gurus around who said they had the answers. I wanted to be able to show potential clients I could give top quality advice, so I went back and did a masters in DCU Business School.

I idm ve may tinh to make the jump and set up my consultancy the Business Fairy in idm ve may tinh So there I was, back starting a company again. It was hard to go from working on a fairly decent-sized company to just me on my own.

Everybody says it, but you work long days and it takes a toll. As it all grew, I needed to get people to work for me. Initially I brought people in and out if I needed them, and over the few years we have put a core team of eight people together. But we still bring people in and out depending on if we need them.

I often had this discussion with people on the Going for Growth programme, which supports female entrepreneurs. The Business Fairy and Teamwoodcraft are totally different. Related Read I hit a really low point'. At the beginning, you would go into meetings and have situations where people would talk to Liam before they would talk to idm ve may tinh.

Over the years, people learned that I knew what I was doing, so it got better. It might not be fair, but that was the way of it and I got on with it. All my focus is on the consultancy now.

I really believe there is a massive opportunity for a digital agency like us which is based outside the big cities in Ireland.

I do believe in rural businesses and trying to create something. So far, my attitude has been straightforward. Work, do a good job and more work will follow. Aisling Hurley is the owner of the Business Fairy. This article was written in conversation with Killian Woods as part of a series on business mistakes and what can be learned from them.

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Aisling Hurley. Grocery delivery startup Buymie has secured fresh funding from retail and rugby stars. Moovingo wants to shake up idm ve may tinh commission-hungry world of selling property.

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