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Matan jazari pdf editor

matan jazari pdf editor

I also thank my students for aiding in the editing of this work, as well as the teaching staff the famous Muqaddimah al-Jazariyyah of Ibn al-Jazarī. I have tried to. matan and sanad of the hadith is analysed and . already, the writer of this book will prove to be a Author: Allama Ahmad al-Jazari Price: £ An Arabic. أَدْنَــاهُُ. ُ: غَـيْـنُ. ُ. خَـاؤُهَـا،. ُ. والْـقَـافُُ. أَقْصَـى. ُ. الل سَـانُِ. ُ. فَـوْقُ،. ثُــمَُُّ. ُ. الْـكَـافُُ. Its closest (the throat's area closest to the mouth) are: غني and خاء. And the قاف.

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matan jazari pdf editor

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