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Millermatic 175 reviews

millermatic 175 reviews

What would be the going rate on a used Miller with welding cart, 80ft . I can' t think of any good reason why I would ever go with a MM Both new at my local store, but the is on clearance since it is considered old. Price is going to be about $ for the and about ~$ What is a good price for this welder used? I don't want to get blinded by my desire for a new welder that I make a bad decision. If this is not a. [Archive] Millermatic Welding. :cool: It is getting very good reviews from the guys that tested it.:cool: The wire speed tracking will get in. What id the maximum single pass a can do? i believe 3/8 but i'm not sure. I might have a job welding an I-beam reinforcement, the guy.

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BAYEZA MP3 WAPTRICK I like Blue mostly because of hearsay, and the HD Lincoln line makes me think the Lincolns are cheap or have that reputation. Page 1. Keep me logged in. I would like to have a or even a a model, but its really more than I need. Millermatic 175 reviews course it is more money, but you gain a lot. Thanks for all the replies. Add pictures here.
Som do povo youtube What price for a used Millermatic 175 reviews without tank? So, shoud I pass on the Miller and wait for a deal on a Lincoln or Hobart? Also what would give better performance, solid or flux cored? Here's something that might be of interest to you. Steve B Contact options for registered users. Got started welding 8 yrs ago with a Miller and then onto a I called Miller on this and they confirmed it.
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It is not affiliated with any of manufacturers or vendors discussed here. All logos and trade names are the property of their respective owners. Page 1. What price for a millermatic 175 reviews Millermatic without tank? KIMO Contact options for registered users. I have a shot at buying a Millermatic that is used and does not have any tank.

They want an offer and will not give a price. Add pictures here. Add image file. Bold Italic Underline. Upload Image. Add reply. Rate this thread. Jack WIlkins Walter isaacson einstein mobi books options for registered users.

Emmo Contact options for registered users. I assume you have v available? BTW, I bought mine after taking two semesters of welding classes at Austin Community College - I asked others for their opinions and all said to go for it, so it is not just my opinion that this is a good machine.

Quoted Text Here. Kimo Contact options for registered users. What should I get for a tank and gas? I do quite a bit of welding so I guess amedium size tank would be good but what gas for just plain steel? Is the mixture of co2 and argon in the same tank? Do I need two tanks to get the mix? Grant Erwin Contact options for registered millermatic 175 reviews. Kimo wrote: I suggest an "S" sized bottle. If you can find a used oxygen cylinder then they'll millermatic 175 reviews that for a C25 cylinder.

Steve B Contact options for registered users. Reading what someone else does in another area of the country doesn't mean zip. Find out what they do in YOUR area. And when you find a supplier of gas that is priced reasonably, or you just like for any reason, stick with them.

You can shop consumables and other things millermatic 175 reviews other places, but it is good to have an account with one place and know the counter geeks. Makes it a lot easier if there's ever a problem. Share To. IV Ausf. D mit 7. Keep me logged in. Register new account I forgot my password. Save Edits Use Original Image.

millermatic 175 reviews

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